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The best DDR4 and DDR5 RAM prices for January 2023

RAM is the sort of thing just about anyone can upgrade on a PC, so we're here to help you make the best purchase decision.

The best CPU prices for January 2023

Whether you're building something new or upgrading an old PC, it never hurts to save on one of the most important pieces.

The best Dell XPS 15 and 17 prices for January 2023

If you know where to look you can save huge on some powerful Dell XPS laptops with beautiful screens including 4K resolutions, OLED panels, and more.

The best cheap gaming laptop deals in January 2023

A cheap gaming laptop is all about a balance between price and features. Find the best bang for your buck right here.

Why Microsoft's Developer_Direct is the perfect modern show format Xbox needs

Microsoft is building up a new showcase format for its gaming properties, and this could be the transparency and immediacy Xbox needs for today's marketing environment.

US Army says 'no thanks' to buying more HoloLens devices this year, demands several hardware improvements first

A new report from Bloomberg today has revealed that the US Army will not be placing any more orders for Microsoft's military-grade version of HoloLens this fiscal year, after field testing last year left 70 Army infantry soldiers with headaches and other discomforts.

JSAUX Steam Deck dock review: Why pay more?

Valve's own Steam Deck dock is good, but at half the price and almost all of the features, this one from JSAUX makes way more sense.

Historical decline of desktop PC shipments affects Dell, Lenovo, and more

Management consulting company Gartner reports a historic decline in desktop PC shipments in 2022 for various vendors, expected to continue until 2024.

Windows 11 is getting a new Network Troubleshooting experience soon

A new network troubleshooting experience is coming to Windows 11 soon, with a preview of the new experience now live in the Get Help app on the latest Windows 11 Dev Channel build.

I'm a little less excited for the Surface Duo 3 now

The recent news that Microsoft is pivoting to a singular foldable display for the Surface Duo 2 successor makes a lot of sense, but I can't help but be disappointed.

Hell freezes over: Apple TV and Music apps are here for Windows 11 and don't disappoint

After years of waiting, Apple has released its official apps for Windows 11 for TV, Music, and Devices, and ... they're frankly quite excellent. You can get the preview versions now, but only if you're in the US!

New Valve leak reveals a treasure trove of Team Fortress 2 assets

A massive leak of a Valve asset repository has given the gaming community access to over 61GB of unused Team Fortress 2 maps, models, textures, and more.

Verizon rolls out Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile, a first in the United States

Verizon just became the first carrier in the United States to support Teams Mobile Phone. The service allows users to connect all of their Teams devices to a single phone number.