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Outpost24: How Pentesting-as-a-Service finds vulnerabilities before they're exploited

26 octobre 2022 à 16:46
Organizations need to continuously monitor their entire surface infrastructure to adequately reduce application risk. This is where Outpost24's Pentesting-as-a-Service (PTaaS) software comes in. [...]

Windows 11 22H2 KB5018496 preview update released with 26 improvements

26 octobre 2022 à 18:04
Microsoft has released the Windows 11 22H2 KB5018496 preview cumulative update with twenty-six fixes or improvements, including the roll-out of a feature allowing you to launch Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar. [...]

Microsoft fixes TLS handshake failures in Windows 11 22H2

26 octobre 2022 à 18:54
Microsoft has addressed a known issue that triggers SSL/TLS handshake failures on client and server platforms with the release of the KB5018496 preview cumulative update. [...]

LinkedIn's new security features combat fake profiles, threat actors

26 octobre 2022 à 20:40
LinkedIn has introduced three new features to fight fake profiles and malicious use of the platform, including a new method to confirm whether a profile is authentic by showing whether it has a verified work email or phone number. [...]

Notorious ‘BestBuy’ hacker arraigned for running dark web market

26 octobre 2022 à 23:56
A notorious British hacker was arraigned on Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Justice for allegedly running the now defunct 'The Real Deal" dark web marketplace. [...]

Windows 10 KB5018482 update released with nineteen improvements

27 octobre 2022 à 00:20
Microsoft has released the optional KB5018482 Preview cumulative update for Windows 10 20H2, Windows 10 21H1, and Windows 10 21H2. [...]

Fodcha DDoS botnet reaches 1Tbps in power, injects ransoms in packets

27 octobre 2022 à 16:12
A new version of the Fodcha DDoS botnet has emerged, featuring ransom demands embedded in packets and new features to evade detection of its infrastructure. [...]

New York Post hacked with offensive headlines targeting politicians

27 octobre 2022 à 17:03
New York Post confirmed today that it was hacked after its website and Twitter account were used by the attackers to publish offensive headlines and tweets targeting U.S. politicians. [...]

Twilio discloses another hack from June, blames voice phishing

27 octobre 2022 à 18:59
Cloud communications company Twilio disclosed a new data breach stemming from a June 2022 security incident where the same attackers behind the August hack accessed some customers' information. [...]

Drinik Android malware now targets users of 18 Indian banks

27 octobre 2022 à 19:10
A new version of the Drinik Android banking trojan targets 18 Indian banks, masquerading as the country's official tax management app to steal victims' personal information and banking credentials. [...]

Australian Clinical Labs says patient data stolen in ransomware attack

27 octobre 2022 à 20:05
Australian Clinical Labs (ACL) has disclosed a February 2022 data breach that impacted its Medlab Pathology business, exposing the medical records and other sensitive information of 223,000 people. [...]

Microsoft links Raspberry Robin worm to Clop ransomware attacks

27 octobre 2022 à 21:34
Microsoft says a threat group tracked as DEV-0950 used Clop ransomware to encrypt the network of a victim previously infected with the Raspberry Robin worm. [...]

Apple fixes recently disclosed zero-day on older iPhones, iPads

27 octobre 2022 à 23:46
Apple has released new security updates to backport patches released earlier this week to older iPhones and iPads, addressing an actively exploited zero-day bug. [...]

Android malware droppers with 130K installs found on Google Play

28 octobre 2022 à 12:00
A set of Android malware droppers were found infiltrating the Google Play store to install malicious programs by pretending to be app updates. [...]

Hackers use Microsoft IIS web server logs to control malware

28 octobre 2022 à 12:00
The Cranefly hacking group, aka UNC3524, uses a previously unseen technique of controlling malware on infected devices via Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) web server logs. [...]

Microsoft OneDrive crashes because of recent Windows 10 updates

28 octobre 2022 à 12:42
Microsoft is investigating a known issue causing OneDrive and OneDrive for Business crashes on Windows 10 systems where customers have installed updates released earlier this month. [...]

Google fixes seventh Chrome zero-day exploited in attacks this year

28 octobre 2022 à 13:34
Google has released an emergency security update for the Chrome desktop web browser to address a single vulnerability known to be exploited in attacks. [...]

Microsoft: Windows domain joins may fail after October updates

28 octobre 2022 à 15:19
Microsoft says that Windows domain join processes may fail with "0xaac (2732)" errors after applying this month's security updates. [...]

Exploit released for critical VMware RCE vulnerability, patch now

28 octobre 2022 à 17:34
Proof-of-concept exploit code is now available for a pre-authentication remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability allowing attackers to execute arbitrary code remotely with root privileges on unpatched Cloud Foundation and NSX Manager appliances. [...]