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The Week in Ransomware - January 21st 2022 - Arrests, Wipers, and More

21 janvier 2022 à 22:40
It has been quite a busy week with ransomware, with law enforcement making arrests, data-wiping attacks, and the return of the Qlocker ransomware. [...]

Microsoft backpedals on Windows 11 NCPA control panel removal

21 janvier 2022 à 20:49
Microsoft has backpedaled its decision to forcefully redirect users from the Network Connections (ncpa.cpl) control panel to the Advanced Network Settings screen. [...]

Phishing impersonates shipping giant Maersk to push STRRAT malware

21 janvier 2022 à 18:54
A new phishing campaign using fake shipping delivery lures installs the STRRAT remote access trojan on unsuspecting victim's devices. [...]

Microsoft disables Excel 4.0 macros by default to block malware

21 janvier 2022 à 16:56
​Microsoft has announced that Excel 4.0 (XLM) macros will now be disabled by default to protect customers from malicious documents. [...]

Over 90 WordPress themes, plugins backdoored in supply chain attack

21 janvier 2022 à 16:34
A massive supply chain attack compromised 93 WordPress themes and plugins to contain a backdoor, giving threat-actors full access to websites. [...]

McAfee Agent bug lets hackers run code with Windows SYSTEM privileges

21 janvier 2022 à 14:22
McAfee Enterprise (now rebranded as Trellix) has patched a security vulnerability discovered in the company's McAfee Agent software for Windows enabling attackers to escalate privileges and execute arbitrary code with SYSTEM privileges. [...]

SonicWall shares temp fix for firewalls stuck in reboot loop

21 janvier 2022 à 12:36
Following a stream of customer reports that started yesterday evening, security hardware manufacturer SonicWall has provided a temporary workaround for reviving next-gen firewalls running SonicOS 7.0 stuck in a reboot loop. [...]

Microsoft starts force installing Windows 10 21H2 on more devices

21 janvier 2022 à 11:58
Microsoft has started the forced rollout of Windows 10, version 21H2 to more devices approaching the end of service (EOS) as part of a first machine learning (ML) training phase. [...]

Microsoft lists the Windows 10 group policies to avoid

20 janvier 2022 à 23:53
Microsoft released a list of twenty-five group policies that admins should not use in Windows 10 and Windows 11 as they do not provide optimal behavior or cause unexpected results. [...]

‘Anomalous’ spyware stealing credentials in industrial firms

20 janvier 2022 à 22:29
Researchers have uncovered several spyware campaigns that target industrial enterprises, aiming to steal email account credentials and conduct financial fraud or resell them to other actors. [...]

FBI links Diavol ransomware to the TrickBot cybercrime group

20 janvier 2022 à 19:37
The FBI has formally linked the Diavol ransomware operation to the TrickBot Group, the malware developers behind the notorious TrickBot banking trojan. [...]

US sanctions former Ukrainian official for helping Russian cyberspies

20 janvier 2022 à 17:37
The U.S. Treasury Department announced today sanctions against Volodymyr Oliynyk, a former Ukrainian official, for collecting and sharing info on critical Ukrainian infrastructure with Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB). [...]

ProtonMail introduces a new email tracker blocking system

20 janvier 2022 à 17:25
ProtonMail has introduced an enhanced email tracking protection system for its web-based email solution that prevents senders from being tracked by recipients who open their messages. [...]

WordPress plugin flaw puts users of 20,000 sites at phishing risk

20 janvier 2022 à 16:50
The WordPress WP HTML Mail plugin, installed in over 20,000 sites, is vulnerable to a high-severity flaw that can lead to code injection and the distribution of convincing phishing emails. [...]

Indonesia's central bank confirms ransomware attack, Conti leaks data

20 janvier 2022 à 16:41
Bank Indonesia (BI), the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia, has confirmed today that a ransomware attack hit its networks last month. [...] confirms 483 accounts hacked, $34 million withdrawn

20 janvier 2022 à 10:10
Par : Ax Sharma has confirmed that a multi-million dollar cyberattack led to the compromise of 483 of its customer accounts. Although, the company's CEO stresses that customer funds are not at risk. is reportedly the world's third-largest cryptocurrency trading platform. [...]

Biden signs memo to boost US national security systems’ defenses

20 janvier 2022 à 14:57
President Joe Biden signed a national security memorandum (NSM) on Wednesday to increase the security of national security systems part of critical US government networks used in military and intelligence activities when storing or transferring classified info. [...]

Cisco bug gives remote attackers root privileges via debug mode

20 janvier 2022 à 14:15
Cisco has fixed a critical security flaw discovered in the Cisco Redundancy Configuration Manager (RCM) for Cisco StarOS Software during internal security testing. [...]

New MoonBounce UEFI malware used by APT41 in targeted attacks

20 janvier 2022 à 13:55
Security analysts have discovered and linked MoonBounce, "the most advanced" UEFI firmware implant found so far in the wild, to the Chinese-speaking APT41 hacker group (also known as Winnti). [...]