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Aujourd’hui — 23 mai 2022BleepingComputer

Battered victim pics used in new ID verification dating scam

23 mai 2022 à 20:30
Par : Ax Sharma
Scammers are now leveraging dating apps like Tinder and Grindr to pose themselves as former victims of physical abuse to gain your trust and sympathy and sell you "ID verification" services. BleepingComputer came across multiple instances of users on online dating apps being approached by these catfishing profiles. [...]

Hackers can hack your online accounts before you even register them

23 mai 2022 à 19:02
Security researchers have revealed that hackers can hijack your online accounts before you even register them by exploiting flaws that have been already been fixed on popular websites, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Zoom, WordPress, and Dropbox. [...]

New RansomHouse group sets up extortion market, adds first victims

23 mai 2022 à 18:26
Yet another data-extortion cybercrime operation has appeared on the darknet named 'RansomHouse' where threat actors publish evidence of stolen files and leak data of organizations that refuse to make a ransom payment. [...]

Russian hackers perform reconnaissance against Austria, Estonia

23 mai 2022 à 15:14
In a new reconnaissance campaign, the Russian state-sponsored hacking group Turla was observed targeting the Austrian Economic Chamber, a NATO platform, and the Baltic Defense College. [...]

Elon Musk deep fakes promote new BitVex cryptocurrency scam

22 mai 2022 à 20:22
Cryptocurrency scammers are using deep fake videos of Elon Musk and other prominent cryptocurrency advocates to promote a BitVex trading platform scam that steals deposited currency. [...]

Elon Musk deep fakes promote new cryptocurrency scam

22 mai 2022 à 20:22
Cryptocurrency scammers are using deep fake videos of Elon Musk and other prominent cryptocurrency advocates to promote a BitVex trading platform scam that steals deposited currency. [...]

PDF smuggles Microsoft Word doc to drop Snake Keylogger malware

22 mai 2022 à 18:15
Threat analysts have discovered a recent malware distribution campaign using PDF attachments to smuggle malicious Word documents that infect users with malware. [...]

Microsoft tests new Windows 11 Desktop search that only works with Edge

22 mai 2022 à 17:07
Microsoft is testing a new feature in the latest Windows 11 preview build that displays an Internet search box directly on the desktop. The problem is that it does not honor your default browser and only uses Bing and Microsoft Edge instead. [...]

Google: Predator spyware infected Android devices using zero-days

22 mai 2022 à 16:00
Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) says that state-backed threat actors used five zero-day vulnerabilities to install Predator spyware developed by commercial surveillance developer Cytrox. [...]
À partir d’avant-hierBleepingComputer

Ransomware attack exposes data of 500,000 Chicago students

21 mai 2022 à 19:32
The Chicago Public Schools has suffered a massive data breach that exposed the data of almost 500,000 students and 60,000 employee after their vendor, Battelle for Kids, suffered a ransomware attack in December. [...]

Malicious PyPI package opens backdoors on Windows, Linux, and Macs

21 mai 2022 à 17:16
Yet another malicious Python package has been spotted in the PyPI registry performing supply chain attacks to drop Cobalt Strike beacons and backdoors on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems. [...]

Windows 11 hacked three more times on last day of Pwn2Own contest

21 mai 2022 à 16:00
On the third and last day of the 2022 Pwn2Own Vancouver hacking contest, security researchers successfully hacked Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system three more times using zero-day exploits. [...]

The Week in Ransomware - May 20th 2022 - Another one bites the dust

21 mai 2022 à 02:08
Ransomware attacks continue to slow down, likely due to the invasion of Ukraine, instability in the region, and subsequent worldwide sanctions against Russia. [...]

Cisco urges admins to patch IOS XR zero-day exploited in attacks

20 mai 2022 à 22:39
Cisco has addressed a zero-day vulnerability in its IOS XR router software that allowed unauthenticated attackers to remotely gain access to Redis instances running in NOSi Docker containers. [...]

Microsoft disables telemetry in Windows 11 Subsystem for Android by default

20 mai 2022 à 20:20
Microsoft has updated the Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11 to make telemetry collection optional and announced an upgrade to Android 12.1. [...]

Backdoor baked into premium school management plugin for WordPress

20 mai 2022 à 20:02
Security researchers have discovered a backdoor in a premium WordPress plugin built as a complete management solution for schools. The malicious code enables a threat actor to execute PHP code without authenticating. [...]

Emergency Windows 10 updates fix Microsoft Store app issues

20 mai 2022 à 17:21
Microsoft has released out-of-band (OOB) updates on Thursday evening to address a newly acknowledged issue impacting Microsoft Store apps. [...]

Windows 11 hacked again at Pwn2Own, Telsa Model 3 also falls

20 mai 2022 à 14:10
During the second day of the Pwn2Own Vancouver 2022 hacking competition, contestants hacked Microsoft's Windows 11 OS again and demoed zero-days in Tesla Model 3's infotainment system. [...]

Russian Sberbank says it’s facing massive waves of DDoS attacks

20 mai 2022 à 13:53
Sberbank's vice president and director of cybersecurity, Sergei Lebed, has told participants of the Positive Hack Days forum that the company is going through a period of unprecedented targeting by hackers. [...]