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Australia to tackle ransomware data breaches by deleting stolen files

13 octobre 2021 à 17:01
Australia's Minister for Home Affairs has announced the "Australian Government's Ransomware Action Plan," which is a set of new measures the country will adopt in an attempt to tackle the rising threat. [...]

Apple silently fixes iOS zero-day, asks bug reporter to keep quiet

13 octobre 2021 à 17:25
Apple has silently fixed a gamed zero-day vulnerability with the release of iOS 15.0.2, on Monday, a security flaw that could let attackers gain access to sensitive user information. [...]

MyKings botnet still active and making massive amounts of money

13 octobre 2021 à 19:14
The MyKings botnet (aka Smominru or DarkCloud) is still actively spreading, making massive amounts of money in crypto, five years after it first appeared in the wild. [...]

Microsoft confirms new Windows 11 printer installation issues

14 octobre 2021 à 10:32
Microsoft has confirmed new Windows 11 known issues which cause printers installation fails on systems commonly found in enterprise environments. [...]

New Yanluowang ransomware used in targeted enterprise attacks

14 octobre 2021 à 12:00
A new and still under development ransomware strain is being used in highly targeted attacks against enterprise entities as Broadcom's Symantec Threat Hunter Team discovered. [...]

Acer confirms breach of after-sales service systems in India

14 octobre 2021 à 12:13
Taiwanese computer giant Acer has confirmed that its after-sales service systems in India were recently breached in what the company called "an isolated attack." [...]

Belarus: Joining banned Telegram channels will land you in prison

14 octobre 2021 à 14:30
Belarusian law enforcement has published a list of Telegram channels that are now considered extremist and warned people that merely joining them would be punishable by up to seven years of imprisonment. [...]

Malicious Chrome ad blocker injects ads behind the scenes

14 octobre 2021 à 16:35
The AllBlock Chromium ad blocking extension has been found to be injecting hidden affiliate links that generate commissions for the developers. [...]

Google sent 50,000 warnings of state-sponsored attacks in 2021

14 octobre 2021 à 17:20
Google said today that it sent roughly 50,000 alerts of state-sponsored phishing or hacking attempts to customers during 2021, a considerable increase compared to the previous year. [...]

DocuSign phishing campaign targets low-ranking employees

14 octobre 2021 à 17:33
Phishing actors are following a new trend of targeting non-executive employees but who still have access to valuable areas within an organization. [...]

University of Sunderland announces outage following cyberattack

14 octobre 2021 à 18:17
The University of Sunderland in the UK has announced extensive operational issues that have taken most of its IT systems down, attributing the problem to a cyber-attack.  [...]

FTC fires warning shot at 700 leading companies about fake reviews

14 octobre 2021 à 18:40
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says it will fine companies for using fake online reviews or other deceptive endorsements to deceive their customers. [...]

Microsoft releases Linux version of the Windows Sysmon tool

14 octobre 2021 à 19:44
Microsoft has released a Linux version of the very popular Sysmon system monitoring utility for Windows, allowing Linux administrators to monitor devices for malicious activity.  [...]

WhatsApp rolls out iOS, Android end-to-end encrypted chat backups

14 octobre 2021 à 22:31
​WhatsApp is rolling out end-to-end encrypted chat backups on iOS and Android to prevent anyone from accessing your chats, regardless of where they are stored. [...]

US government discloses more ransomware attacks on water plants

15 octobre 2021 à 09:43
U.S. Water and Wastewater Systems (WWS) Sector facilities have been breached multiple times in ransomware attacks during the last two years according to joint advisory published by US government agencies on Thursday. [...]

Canonical launches Ubuntu 21.10 for desktop and server

15 octobre 2021 à 09:58
The latest version of the world's most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu 21.10, codenamed 'Impish Indy', has landed on Canonical's download channels.  [...]

Governments worldwide to crack down on ransomware payment channels

15 octobre 2021 à 11:13
Senior officials from 31 countries and the European Union said that their governments would take action to disrupt the cryptocurrency payment channels used by ransomware gangs to finance their operations. [...]

Microsoft tests smarter delivery for Windows 11 update improvements

15 octobre 2021 à 14:00
Microsoft is testing a new method to deliver Windows update improvements starting with Insiders in the Dev Channel running Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22478. [...]

Brave web browser will add bounce tracking privacy protection

15 octobre 2021 à 15:37
Brave, the privacy-conscious web browser, has announced plans to introduce additional privacy protections against 'bounce tracking,' a newer form of tracking that is not currently blocked by the browser. [...]