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Windows 11 Centered Taskbar in Windows 10 without third party tools

14 août 2021 à 20:54

Windows 11’s most noticeable change is the front and center “in-your-face” taskbar (or dock). If this is the number one thing, you are looking forward to trying. You don’t have to wait for Windows 11. You can do that right on with Windows 10 without any third-party tools to have a centred taskbar.

Here is how:

First, right-click Taskbar > Taskbar Settings

Make sure the taskbar is unlocked, set location to the bottom and always hide the label.

Next, right-click Taskbar again > Toolbars > Tun on Links

Drag Links from right past the icons all the way to the left

Right-click the Links section and find “Show Text” and “Show title” turn both off. Now you can freely drag and position the icons to the center of your screen. Once you are happy, you can lock it down.

The catch here is you will notice the start menu is always on the left. This is the only difference in user experience between this tweak and Windows 11’s out-of-the-box new UX. If this is something you want, give it a try, and show off some unique Windows settings to your friend or colleagues.

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Disabling the News and Interests Gadget on Taskbar

10 juin 2021 à 02:09
Par : Kent Chen

June 2021 Update is out and one thing it does is to mess up your taskbar by adding a new shining toy called News and Interests. When you hover your mouse over 190C Mostly Sunny gadget on your Taskbar, something like this popping up.

While it’s something that might be useful, who needs it while you are at work?

To get the distractions like this out of the way, you can simply right-click on the Taskbar, go to News and interests, and choose the Turn-off option.

If you are in a corporate network environment, you will need to disable it through Group Policy.

Download the latest Administrative Templates for Windows 10 21H1 from here. Copy the feeds.adml from the language folder and feeds.admx to your Domain Controller’s main policy store.

Then in a GPO that controls your workstation computers, go to

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > News and Intersts

And disable the setting called Enable news and interests on the Taskbar.

And that’s it. No more news.

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How To Set Up to Use Keybaord Short to Open Calculator

30 mai 2021 à 22:19
Par : Kent Chen

Believe it or not, the Calculator app on Windows is pretty popular, useful, and powerful. People are freaked out if they don’t see it on their computer after upgrading their Windows, though it can be fairly easily downloaded from the Store app.

It can also be very easily opened up if you have a keyboard that has a media key designated to open it. But what if I am using a generic keyboard that doesn’t have any media key assigned?

Here are two ways of doing it.

Using the Taskbar

Let’s pin the Calculator app to the taskbar first. And then drag and move it all the way to the very left, like below.

In case you forgot, the first 10 pinned icons on the taskbar are automatically assigned a quick keyboard shortcut, such as Win+1 to open the first one, Win+2 to open the second, so on so forth.

So, moving the calculator app right up to the very left means the keyboard shortcut Win + 1 is now assigned specifically to it.

Now, if you ever need to open it, simply press win + 1, and then enjoy.

Using AutoHotkey

I am becoming a fan of AutoHotkey lately. It’s such a powerful scripting tool that can automate a lot of repetitive work. And it can also be very useful for simple tasks like assigning a keyboard shortcut to certain apps.

Add a single link like below to a file and save it as .ahk file.

 ^+c::run calc.exe

Launch it and you get yourself a shortcut key combination Ctrl + Shift + C to automatically open the calculator app.

Or use

^!c:: run calc.exe

to assign Ctrl + Alt + C instead.

Or any combinations you may like.

What about other apps?

Well, the ways shown above are not limited only to the powerful calculator, but almost all apps you may wish to open frequently.

The post How To Set Up to Use Keybaord Short to Open Calculator appeared first on Next of Windows.