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Hier — 24 septembre 2021Flux principal

Microsoft rushes to register Autodiscover domains leaking credentials

24 septembre 2021 à 19:03
Microsoft is rushing to register Internet domains used to steal Windows credentials sent from faulty implementations of the Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover protocol. [...]

Microsoft gets Windows 11 ready for release with new build

23 septembre 2021 à 23:34
Microsoft has moved Windows 11 to the Windows Insider 'Release' channel in anticipation of its upcoming launch on October 5th. [...]
À partir d’avant-hierFlux principal

Google tests if 'Chrome/100.0' user agent breaks websites

23 septembre 2021 à 15:30
Google is testing whether changing the Chrome user agent to three-digit 'Chrome/100' will cause loss of functionality on websites that are expecting a two digit version number. [...]

Second farming cooperative shut down by ransomware this week

22 septembre 2021 à 18:09
Minnesota farming supply cooperative Crystal Valley has suffered a ransomware attack, making it the second farming cooperative attacked this weekend. [...]

Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover bugs leak 100K Windows credentials

22 septembre 2021 à 15:00
Bugs in the implementation of Microsoft Exchange's Autodiscover feature have leaked approximately 100,000 login names and passwords for Windows domains worldwide. [...]

Microsoft PC Health Check adds detailed Windows 11 compatibility info

21 septembre 2021 à 20:54
Microsoft has released an updated PC Health Check tool that provides detailed information about whether a device's hardware is compatible with Windows 11. [...]

How to fix the Windows 0x0000011b network printing error

21 septembre 2021 à 01:03
A Windows security update released in January and now fully enforced this month is causing Windows users to experience 0x0000011b errors when printing to network printers. [...]

US farmer cooperative hit by $5.9M BlackMatter ransomware attack

20 septembre 2021 à 20:07
U.S. farmers cooperative NEW Cooperative has suffered a BlackMatter ransomware attack demanding $5.9 million not to leak stolen data and provide a decryptor. [...] phone services disrupted by DDoS extortion attack

20 septembre 2021 à 17:39
Threat actors are targeting voice-over-Internet provider with a DDoS attack and extorting the company to stop the assault that's severely disrupting the company's operation. [...]

New "Elon Musk Club" crypto giveaway scam promoted via email

19 septembre 2021 à 18:58
A new Elon Musk-themed cryptocurrency giveaway scam called the "Elon Musk Mutual Aid Fund" or "Elon Musk Club" is being promoted through spam email campaigns that started over the past few weeks. [...]

Windows 11 is no longer compatible with Oracle VirtualBox VMs

18 septembre 2021 à 19:59
Windows 11 is no longer compatible with the immensely popular Oracle VirtualBox virtualization platform after Microsoft changed its hardware requirement policies for virtual machines. [...]

The Week in Ransomware - September 17th 2021 - REvil decrypted

18 septembre 2021 à 00:16
It has been an interesting week with decryptors released, ransomware gangs continuing to rail against negotiators, and the US government expected to sanction crypto exchanges next week. [...]

U.S. to sanction crypto exchanges, wallets used by ransomware

17 septembre 2021 à 23:49
The Biden administration is expected to issue sanctions against crypto exchanges, wallets, and traders used by ransomware gangs to convert ransom payments into fiat money. [...]

Mozilla tests Microsoft Bing as the default Firefox search engine

17 septembre 2021 à 19:40
Mozilla is running a study to test users' responses to changing the default Firefox search engine to Microsoft Bing. [...]

New Windows security updates break network printing

16 septembre 2021 à 18:08
Windows administrators report wide-scale network printing problems after installing this week's September 2021 Patch Tuesday security updates. [...]

Free REvil ransomware master decrypter released for past victims

16 septembre 2021 à 15:00
A free master decryptor for the REvil ransomware operation has been released, allowing all victims encrypted before the gang disappeared to recover their files for free. [...]

Ransomware gang threatens to wipe decryption key if negotiator hired

15 septembre 2021 à 20:22
The Grief ransomware gang is threatening to delete victim's decryption keys if they hire a negotiation firm, making it impossible to recover encrypted files. [...]

Kali Linux 2021.3 released with new pentest tools, improvements

15 septembre 2021 à 17:30
​Kali Linux 2021.3 was released yesterday by Offensive Security and includes a new set of tools, improved virtualization support, and a new OpenSSL configuration that increases the attack surface. [...]

Microsoft fixes remaining Windows PrintNightmare vulnerabilities

14 septembre 2021 à 22:43
Microsoft has released a security update to fix the last remaining PrintNightmare zero-day vulnerabilities that allowed attackers to gain administrative privileges on Windows devices quickly. [...]