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Become a Cybersecurity Expert with 18 New Online Courses @ 98% OFF

With more data stored in the cloud than ever before, now is a good time to get into cybersecurity. Many top corporations are looking for new talent, and even junior professionals can earn $80,000 or more. The only barrier to entry is education. How do you learn about security protocols and white hat hacking? Enter the All-In-One 2022 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle. This collection of 18

Meet Borat RAT, a New Unique Triple Threat

Atlanta-based cyber risk intelligence company, Cyble discovered a new Remote Access Trojan (RAT) malware. What makes this particular RAT malware distinct enough to be named after the comic creation of Sacha Baron Cohen? RAT malware typically helps cybercriminals gain complete control of a victim's system, permitting them to access network resources, files, and power to toggle the mouse and

The Rise of Data Exfiltration and Why It Is a Greater Risk Than Ransomware

Ransomware is the de facto threat organizations have faced over the past few years. Threat actors were making easy money by exploiting the high valuation of cryptocurrencies and their victims' lack of adequate preparation.  Think about bad security policies, untested backups, patch management practices not up-to-par, and so forth. It resulted in easy growth for ransomware extortion, a crime that

Guide: How Service Providers can Deliver vCISO Services at Scale

From ransomware to breaches, from noncompliance penalties to reputational damage – cyberthreats pose an existential risk to any business. But for SMEs and SMBs, the danger is compounded. These companies realize they need an in-house Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – someone who can assess risks and vulnerabilities, create and execute a comprehensive cybersecurity plan, ensure

U.S. Government Spending Billions on Cybersecurity

In recent months, the House of Representatives has been hard at work drafting various spending bills for the 2023 fiscal year. While these bills provide funding for a vast array of government programs and agencies, there was one thing that really stands out. Collectively, the bills that are making their way through the house allocate a staggering $15.6 billion to cybersecurity spending. As you

A CISO's Ultimate Security Validation Checklist

If you're heading out of the office on a well-deserved vacation, are you certain the security controls you have in place will let you rest easy while you're away? More importantly – do you have the right action plan in place for a seamless return? Whether you're on the way out of – or back to – the office, our Security Validation Checklist can help make sure your security posture is in good

Hands-on Review: Stellar Cyber Security Operations Platform for MSSPs

As threat complexity increases and the boundaries of an organization have all but disappeared, security teams are more challenged than ever to deliver consistent security outcomes. One company aiming to help security teams meet this challenge is Stellar Cyber.  Stellar Cyber claims to address the needs of MSSPs by providing capabilities typically found in NG-SIEM, NDR, and SOAR products in their

Interested in Reducing Your Risk Profile? Jamf Has a Solution for That

The threat landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. While cybercriminals continue to look for new ways to gain access to networks and steal sensitive information, the mobile attack surface is also expanding. Mobile devices are not only becoming more powerful but also more vulnerable to cyberattacks, making mobile security an increasingly important concern for enterprises. This

Stop Worrying About Passwords Forever

So far 2022 confirms that passwords are not dead yet. Neither will they be anytime soon. Even though Microsoft and Apple are championing passwordless authentication methods, most applications and websites will not remove this option for a very long time. Think about it, internal apps that you do not want to integrate with third-party identity providers, government services, legacy applications,

The Ultimate Security Blind Spot You Don't Know You Have

How much time do developers spend actually writing code? According to recent studies, developers spend more time maintaining, testing and securing existing code than they do writing or improving code. Security vulnerabilities have a bad habit of popping up during the software development process, only to surface after an application has been deployed. The disappointing part is that many of these

What Is Your Security Team Profile? Prevention, Detection, or Risk Management

Not all security teams are born equal. Each organization has a different objective. In cybersecurity, adopting a proactive approach is not just a buzzword. It actually is what makes the difference between staying behind attackers and getting ahead of them. And the solutions to do that do exist! Most attacks succeed by taking advantage of common failures in their target's systems. Whether new or

Integrating Live Patching in SecDevOps Workflows

SecDevOps is, just like DevOps, a transformational change that organizations undergo at some point during their lifetime. Just like many other big changes, SecDevOps is commonly adopted after a reality check of some kind: a big damaging cybersecurity incident, for example. A major security breach or, say, consistent problems in achieving development goals signals to organizations that the

4 Key Takeaways from "XDR is the Perfect Solution for SMEs" webinar

Cyberattacks on large organizations dominate news headlines. So, you may be surprised to learn that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are actually more frequent targets of cyberattacks. Many SMEs understand this risk firsthand.  In a recent survey, 58% of CISOs of SMEs said that their risk of attack was higher compared to enterprises. Yet, they don't have the same resources as enterprises –

Shopify Fails to Prevent Known Breached Passwords

A recent report revealed that ecommerce provider, Shopify uses particularly weak password policies on the customer-facing portion of its Website. According to the report, Shopify's requires its customers to use a password that is at least five characters in length and that does not begin or end with a space.  According to the report, Specops researchers analyzed a list of a billion passwords

6 Top API Security Risks! Favored Targets for Attackers If Left Unmanaged

Security threats are always a concern when it comes to APIs. API security can be compared to driving a car. You must be cautious and review everything closely before releasing it into the world. By failing to do so, you're putting yourself and others at risk. API attacks are more dangerous than other breaches. Facebook had a 50M user account affected by an API breach, and an API data breach on

Why Vulnerability Scanning is Critical for SOC 2

12 septembre 2022 à 13:04
SOC 2 may be a voluntary standard, but for today's security-conscious business, it's a minimal requirement when considering a SaaS provider. Compliance can be a long and complicated process, but a scanner like Intruder makes it easy to tick the vulnerability management box. Security is critical for all organisations, including those that outsource key business operations to third parties like

How GRC protects the value of organizations — A simple guide to data quality and integrity

13 septembre 2022 à 15:07
Contemporary organizations understand the importance of data and its impact on improving interactions with customers, offering quality products or services, and building loyalty. Data is fundamental to business success. It allows companies to make the right decisions at the right time and deliver the high-quality, personalized products and services that customers expect. There is a challenge,

How to Do Malware Analysis?

14 septembre 2022 à 12:10
Based on the findings of Malwarebytes' Threat Review for 2022, 40 million Windows business computers' threats were detected in 2021. In order to combat and avoid these kinds of attacks, malware analysis is essential. In this article, we will break down the goal of malicious programs' investigation and how to do malware analysis with a sandbox. What is malware analysis?  Malware analysis is a

5 Ways to Mitigate Your New Insider Threats in the Great Resignation

15 septembre 2022 à 13:30
Companies are in the midst of an employee "turnover tsunami" with no signs of a slowdown. According to Fortune Magazine, 40% of the U.S. is considering quitting their jobs. This trend – coined the great resignation - creates instability in organizations. High employee turnover increases security risks, and companies are more vulnerable to attacks from human factors worldwide.  At Davos 2022,