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CoinPayments to shut down in US — 5 days left to withdraw funds

14 juillet 2022 à 12:14
Par : Ax Sharma
Global crypto payments gateway, is ceasing operations in the United States soon and has advised users to withdraw their assets before July 19th, 2022. The short notice given by the exchange via a private email left some customers suspecting if this was an "exit scam" or another mysterious incident. [...]

Twitter outage shows "Something went wrong" error message

14 juillet 2022 à 15:08
Thousands of Twitter users across the world are reporting problems connecting to the platform on both desktop and mobile devices. [...]

Mantis botnet behind the record-breaking DDoS attack in June

14 juillet 2022 à 17:53
The record-breaking distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that Cloudflare mitigated last month originated from a new botnet called Mantis, which is currently described as "the most powerful botnet to date." [...]

PayPal phishing kit added to hacked WordPress sites for full ID theft

14 juillet 2022 à 20:09
A newly discovered phishing kit targeting PayPal users is trying to steal a large set of personal information from victims that includes government identification documents and photos. [...]

Microsoft links Holy Ghost ransomware operation to North Korean hackers

15 juillet 2022 à 01:10
For more than a year, North Korean hackers have been running a ransomware operation called HolyGhost, attacking small businesses in various countries. [...]

Attackers scan 1.6 million WordPress sites for vulnerable plugin

15 juillet 2022 à 09:28
Security researchers have detected a massive campaign that scanned close to 1.6 million WordPress sites for the presence of a vulnerable plugin that allows uploading files without authentication. [...]

Tor Browser now bypasses internet censorship automatically

15 juillet 2022 à 16:27
The Tor Project team has announced the release of Tor Browser 11.5, a major release that brings new features to help users fight censorship easier. [...]

Microsoft investigates July updates breaking Access applications

15 juillet 2022 à 18:06
Microsoft is investigating user reports that MS Access runtime applications stop opening after installing this month's Patch Tuesday Office/Access security updates. [...]

Password recovery tool infects industrial systems with Sality malware

15 juillet 2022 à 19:46
A threat actor is infecting industrial control systems (ICS) to create a botnet through password "cracking" software for programmable logic controllers (PLCs). [...]

Elastix VoIP systems hacked in massive campaign to install PHP web shells

16 juillet 2022 à 16:11
Threat analysts have uncovered a large-scale campaign targeting Elastix VoIP telephony servers with more than 500,000 malware samples over a period of three months. [...]

Hackers pose as journalists to breach news media org’s networks

16 juillet 2022 à 17:07
Researchers following the activities of advanced persistent (APT) threat groups originating from China, North Korea, Iran, and Turkey say that journalists and media organizations have remained a constant target for state-aligned actors. [...]

The Matrix messaging network now counts more than 60 million users

17 juillet 2022 à 16:12
The Matrix open network for decentralized communication has announced a record growth of 79% in the past 12 months, now counting more than 60 million users. [...]

Enforcing Password History in Your AD to Curb Password Reuse

18 juillet 2022 à 16:04
65% of end-users openly admit to reusing the same password for one or more (or all!) of their accounts. Password history requirements discourage this behavior by making it more difficult for a user to reuse their old password. [...]

Microsoft investigates ongoing Exchange Online, Outlook outage

18 juillet 2022 à 16:26
Microsoft is investigating an ongoing outage impacting Microsoft 365 services after customers have reported experiencing issues while trying to sign into, access, and receive emails on the portal and via Exchange Online. [...]

Roaming Mantis hits Android and iOS users in malware, phishing attacks

18 juillet 2022 à 16:42
After hitting Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the US, and the U.K. the Roaming Mantis operation moved to targeting Android and iOS users in France, likely compromising tens of thousands of devices. [...]

Enforcing Password History in Your Windows AD to Curb Password Reuse

18 juillet 2022 à 16:04
65% of end-users openly admit to reusing the same password for one or more (or all!) of their accounts. Password history requirements discourage this behavior by making it more difficult for a user to reuse their old password. [...]

FBI warns of fake cryptocurrency apps used to defraud investors

18 juillet 2022 à 19:36
The FBI warned that cybercriminals are creating and using fraudulent cryptocurrency investment applications to steal funds from US cryptocurrency investors. [...]

Russia fines Google $358 million for not removing banned info

18 juillet 2022 à 19:51
A court in Moscow has imposed a fine of $358 million (21 billion rubles) on Google LLC for failing to restrict access to information considered prohibited in the country. [...]

New CloudMensis malware backdoors Macs to steal victims’ data

19 juillet 2022 à 11:30
Unknown threat actors are using previously undetected malware to backdoor macOS devices and exfiltrate information in a highly targeted series of attacks. [...]