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How To Merge Photos into One PDF Natively in Windows without 3rd Party App

Par : Jonathan Hu

Microsoft still lacks the equivalent of Preview in Windows. As PDF files are more ubiquitous, the need to create PDFs and making minor annotations or arrange orders becomes increasingly desired. Microsoft has yet to create an app that can compete or offer similar features as Apple’s Preview.

One of the most common tasks is combining and merging multiple photos (scanned JPGs) into a single PDF. If you Google, there are plenty of tools out there that provide this functionality, but would it be great if you can achieve those without any additional tools? In fact, you can, natively, with Windows Explorer.

You can merge multiple images into a single PDF in Windows without any third-party tools. To do this, all you need to do is select multiple images and right-click> Print > Microsoft Print to PDF.

You have the option to change rotations, fit to the page or not. As well as the ability to merge multiple pictures into a single-page PDF.

How to arrange the order of photos in PDF

The biggest ‘hidden’ trick to master this technique is that you have to have the photos arranged in the order you want before ‘printing.’ As there is no ability to alter the order of that page once you are prompt with the preview. The order of which page is determined by which first photo you right-click and all subsequent image’s order following that page.

You can either use the built-in Windows explore to sort the list by existing attributes, or you can rename all the files in a way that will satisfy your order. I hope you find this tip useful. I sure learned some tricks when messing with this.

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