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Soigner son look de geek grâce à des accessoires

20 septembre 2021 à 13:57
Par : UnderNews

Ce n’est pas parce qu’on est un geek qu’il ne faut pas soigner son style. Au contraire, il est temps d’améliorer l’image des geeks dans l’imaginaire collectif. Et pour cela, de nombreux accessoires existent pour parfaire son look, qu’ils soient sobres, ou au contraire très originaux, comme les montres connectées, les montres IWC ou d’autres accessoires à l’instar des boutons de manchette par exemple.

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Office 365 Mail Tip: How To Quickly Empty Any Folder in Outlook

27 juillet 2021 à 02:32
Par : Kent Chen

One of the users’ mailboxes got out of space the other day. After doing a bit of digging, here is what I found.

And that’s right. One of the tasks with too many attachments kept failing to sync back to the server and it quickly ate all the space left under his account.

If you have used Outlook before, you know how painful it is to clean up 49GB of data out of any folder. And here is a quick tip for those who just want a quick way to clean up space so they can be back to work right away.

Unfortunately, Outlook is not up for the task. We will be using Outlook web instead.

Log into Outlook online, click the Gear icon and choose View all Outlook settings.

In the General, tab, click the Storage tab. You will see the list of folders on the right that have the most data in there. Click the Empty button next to the folder you want to clean up and pick the option of All, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months or older.

One-click. That’s all they need and Outlook online will take care of the rest.

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Dealing with Outlook Stuck at Processing Screen

15 juin 2021 à 02:05
Par : Kent Chen

All of a sudden, Outlook refuses to open with a splash window that is stuck at Processing…

Here are 3 things you can do about it.

Open it in Safe mode

Opening it in Safe mode disables all the add-ins, including the ones that potentially slow down your Outlook, or worse get conflicted with the program. A good way to determine if the problem is caused by one of the add-ins.

Press Win+R to bring up the Run dialog box, and type the following command.

outlook /safe

Outlook opens up with a Choose Profile dialog box, accept the default and click OK.

If it starts ok, it’s time to track down which add-ins that caused the problem.

Re-create the Outlook Profile

Sometimes, it could just be that the Outlook profile got corrupted and needs to be rebuilt.

Open Control Panel, search Mail, and click the Mail applet to reconfigure your Outlook profile.

Click Show Profiles, and remove existing profiles there and add a new one instead.

Most of the times, re-creating a new Outlook profile works like a charm. The downside is that if you are using cache mode, getting your mailbox synced up could take some time.

The /resetnavpane option

Not sure if it’s new, but you now can run this option with your Outlook to reset the navigation pane, the very left pane (or bottom pane) in your Outlook that switches between Mail, Calendar, and Tasks.

outlook /resetnavpane

Quite shockingly, this is the option I used to address this Outlook stuck in the processing stage the other day on one of my work computers.

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