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Microsoft investigates July updates breaking Access applications

15 juillet 2022 à 18:06
Microsoft is investigating user reports that MS Access runtime applications stop opening after installing this month's Patch Tuesday Office/Access security updates. [...]

Microsoft investigates ongoing Exchange Online, Outlook outage

18 juillet 2022 à 16:26
Microsoft is investigating an ongoing outage impacting Microsoft 365 services after customers have reported experiencing issues while trying to sign into, access, and receive emails on the portal and via Exchange Online. [...]

FBI warns of fake cryptocurrency apps used to defraud investors

18 juillet 2022 à 19:36
The FBI warned that cybercriminals are creating and using fraudulent cryptocurrency investment applications to steal funds from US cryptocurrency investors. [...]

New CloudMensis malware backdoors Macs to steal victims’ data

19 juillet 2022 à 11:30
Unknown threat actors are using previously undetected malware to backdoor macOS devices and exfiltrate information in a highly targeted series of attacks. [...]

Russian SVR hackers use Google Drive, Dropbox to evade detection

19 juillet 2022 à 14:35
State-backed hackers part of Russia's Federation Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) have switched, for the first time, to using legitimate cloud storage services such as Google Drive to evade detection. [...]

Belgium says Chinese hackers attacked its Ministry of Defense

19 juillet 2022 à 16:44
The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Belgium says multiple Chinese state-backed threat groups targeted the country's defense and interior ministries. [...]

Russian hackers use fake DDoS app to infect pro-Ukrainian activists

19 juillet 2022 à 19:06
Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG), whose primary goal is to defend Google users from state-sponsored attacks, said today that Russian-backed threat groups are still focusing their attacks on Ukrainian organizations. [...]

EU warns of Russian cyberattack spillover, escalation risks

19 juillet 2022 à 21:57
The Council of the European Union (EU) said today that Russian hackers and hacker groups increasingly attacking "essential" organizations worldwide could lead to spillover risks and potential escalation. [...]

New Luna ransomware encrypts Windows, Linux, and ESXi systems

20 juillet 2022 à 11:32
A new ransomware family dubbed Luna can be used to encrypt devices running several operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and ESXi systems. [...]

Google Calendar provides new way to block invitation phishing

20 juillet 2022 à 18:24
The Google Workspace team announced today that it started rolling out a new method to block Google Calendar invitation spam, available to all customers, including legacy G Suite Basic and Business users. [...]

Cisco fixes bug that lets attackers execute commands as root

20 juillet 2022 à 19:49
Cisco has addressed severe vulnerabilities in the Cisco Nexus Dashboard data center management solution that can let remote attackers execute commands and perform actions with root or Administrator privileges. [...]

Atlassian fixes critical Confluence hardcoded credentials flaw

20 juillet 2022 à 20:59
Atlassian has patched a critical hardcoded credentials vulnerability in Confluence Server and Data Center that could let remote, unauthenticated attackers log into vulnerable, unpatched servers. [...]

Microsoft resumes default blocking of Office macros after updating docs

21 juillet 2022 à 10:40
Microsoft announced today that it resumed the rollout of VBA macro auto-blocking in downloaded Office documents after temporarily rolling it back earlier this month following user feedback. [...]

New ‘Lightning Framework’ Linux malware installs rootkits, backdoors

21 juillet 2022 à 11:42
A previously undetected malware dubbed 'Lightning Framework' that targets Linux systems can be used to backdoor infected devices using SSH and deploy rootkits to cover the attackers' tracks. [...]

Microsoft Teams outage also takes down Microsoft 365 services

21 juillet 2022 à 12:08
What initially started like a minor Microsoft Teams outage has also taken down multiple Microsoft 365 services with Teams integration, including Exchange Online, Windows 365, and Office Online. [...]

Microsoft starts blocking Office macros by default, once again

21 juillet 2022 à 10:40
Microsoft announced today that it resumed the rollout of VBA macro auto-blocking in downloaded Office documents after temporarily rolling it back earlier this month following user feedback. [...]

Windows 11 now blocks RDP brute-force attacks by default

21 juillet 2022 à 13:35
Recent Windows 11 builds now come with the Account Lockout Policy policy enabled by default which will automatically lock user accounts (including Administrator accounts) after 10 failed sign-in attempts for 10 minutes. [...]

Hackers breach Ukrainian radio network to spread fake news about Zelenskiy

22 juillet 2022 à 12:56
On Thursday, Ukrainian media group TAVR Media confirmed that it was hacked to spread fake news about President Zelenskiy being in critical condition and under intensive care. [...]

Microsoft fixes Access apps failing to open after July updates

22 juillet 2022 à 14:25
Microsoft is rolling out a fix for a known issue that caused MS Access runtime applications not to open after installing July 2022's Patch Tuesday Office/Access security updates. [...]